Kedro is a framework that makes it easy to build robust and scalable data pipelines by providing uniform project templates, data abstraction, configuration and pipeline assembly.


kedro.config kedro.config provides functionality for loading Kedro configuration from different file formats. provides functionality to read and write to a number of data sets.
kedro.pipeline kedro.pipeline provides functionality to define and execute data-driven pipelines.
kedro.runner kedro.runner provides runners that are able to execute Pipeline instances.
kedro.context kedro.context provides functionality for loading Kedro project context.
kedro.contrib kedro.contrib is the place for all contributions from third parties.
kedro.cli kedro is a CLI for creating Kedro projects.
kedro.versioning kedro.versioning provides functionality to setup the Journal for capturing information required to reproduce a Kedro run.
kedro.extras.datasets kedro.extras.datasets is where you can find all of Kedro’s data connectors.
kedro.extras.decorators kedro.extras.decorators provides Node/Pipeline Decorators.
kedro.extras.transformers AbstractTransformer implementations to modify DataSet I/O.
kedro.extras.logging This module contains a logging handler class which produces coloured logs.