Decorators (deprecated)


The decorator API will be deprecated in 0.18.0. We recommend using Hooks to extend a node’s behaviour.

A decorator is a computation that runs before and after execution. You can apply Python decorators to Kedro nodes or an entire Kedro pipeline.

How to apply a decorator to nodes

This example illustrates decorators that modify the first string argument of a given function:

from functools import wraps
from typing import Callable

def apply_f(func: Callable) -> Callable:
    def with_f(*args, **kwargs):
        return func(*["f({})".format(a) for a in args], **kwargs)

    return with_f

def apply_g(func: Callable) -> Callable:
    def with_g(*args, **kwargs):
        return func(*["g({})".format(a) for a in args], **kwargs)

    return with_g

def apply_h(func: Callable) -> Callable:
    def with_h(*args, **kwargs):
        return func(*["h({})".format(a) for a in args], **kwargs)

    return with_h

To make sure that apply_f is applied to every function call, including within Kedro nodes:

def say_hello(name):
    print("Hello {}!".format(name))

hello_node = node(say_hello, "name", None)"Kedro"))


In [3]:"Kedro"))
Hello f(Kedro)!
Out[3]: {}

If you want to apply an additional decorator to the same function, but just for another node:

hello_node_wrapped = node(apply_g(say_hello), "name", None)"Kedro"))"Kedro"))


Hello f(Kedro)!
Hello f(g(Kedro))!
Out[4]: {}

How to apply multiple decorators to nodes

You can also provide a list of decorators as shown here:

hello_wrapped = node(apply_g(apply_h(say_hello)), "name", None)
hello_decorated = hello_node.decorate(apply_g, apply_h)"Kedro"))"Kedro"))


Hello f(h(g(Kedro)))!
Hello f(h(g(Kedro)))!

How to apply a decorator to a pipeline

Decorators can also be useful for monitoring your pipeline. You can apply one or more decorators to an entire pipeline, much as you do for a node.

For example, if you want to apply the decorator above to all pipeline nodes simultaneously:

hello_pipeline = Pipeline(
    [node(say_hello, "name1", None), node(say_hello, "name2", None)]
).decorate(apply_g, apply_h)

    hello_pipeline, DataCatalog({}, dict(name1="Kedro", name2="Python"))


Hello f(h(g(Kedro)))!
Hello f(h(g(Python)))!
Out[9]: {}

Kedro decorators

Kedro currently has one built-in decorator: log_time, which logs the time taken to execute a node. You can find it in kedro.pipeline.decorators.

Other decorators can be found in kedro.extras.decorators, for which you will need to install the required dependencies.