Linting your Kedro project

To follow these instructions, you will need to install the pylint package, subject to GPL licence.

You can lint your project code to ensure code quality using the kedro lint command, your project is linted with black (projects created with Python 3.6 and above), flake8 and isort. If you prefer to use pylint, a popular linting tool, then the sample commands you can use to help with this are included in the script below:

pylint -j 0 src/<your_project>
pylint -j 0 --disable=missing-docstring,redefined-outer-name src/tests

Alternatively, you can opt to use it as a plugin to your Kedro project. To do this, add the following code snippet to in your project package directory:

def lint():
    """Check the Python code quality."""
    python_call("isort", ["-rc", "src/<your_project>", "src/tests"])
    python_call("pylint", ["-j", "0", "src/<your_project>"])
        ["-j", "0", "--disable=missing-docstring,redefined-outer-name", "src/tests"],

To trigger the behaviour, simply run the following command in your terminal window:

kedro lint

Make sure you also include the dependency in your requirements.txt, i.e: