What is Kedro?

Kedro is an open-source Python framework that applies software engineering best practices to data and machine-learning pipelines. You can use it, for example, to optimise the process of taking a machine learning model into a production environment. You can use Kedro to organise a single-user project running on a local environment, or collaborate in a team on an enterprise-level project.

For the source code, take a look at the Kedro repository on Github.

Learn how to use Kedro

In the next few chapters, you will learn how to install Kedro and set up your own production-ready data pipelines.

Once you are set up, to get a feel for Kedro, we suggest working through our examples, including:

We also recommend the frequently asked questions and the API reference documentation for additional information.


We have designed the documentation and the spaceflights tutorial for anyone new to Kedro. The more knowledge of Python you have, the easier you will find the learning curve.

Note: There are a number of excellent online resources for learning Python, but you should choose those that reference Python 3, as Kedro is built for Python 3.6+. There are many curated lists of online resources, such as: