Install Kedro

To install Kedro from the Python Package Index (PyPI) simply run:

pip install kedro

Note: It is also possible to install Kedro using conda, as follows, but we recommend using pip at this point to eliminate any potential dependency issues:

conda install -c conda-forge kedro

Both pip and conda install the core Kedro module, which includes the CLI tool, project template, pipeline abstraction, framework, and support for configuration.

Verify a successful installation

To check that Kedro is installed:

kedro info

You should see an ASCII art graphic and the Kedro version number. For example:


If you do not see the graphic displayed, or have any issues with your installation, see the frequently asked questions or Kedro community support on Stack Overflow.

Install a development version

You can try out a development version of Kedro direct from the Kedro Github repository by following these steps.