Source code for kedro.extras.datasets.spark.deltatable_dataset

"""``AbstractDataSet`` implementation to access DeltaTables using
from pathlib import PurePosixPath
from typing import NoReturn

from delta.tables import DeltaTable
from pyspark.sql import SparkSession
from pyspark.sql.utils import AnalysisException

from kedro.extras.datasets.spark.spark_dataset import (
from import AbstractDataSet, DataSetError

# NOTE: kedro.extras.datasets will be removed in Kedro 0.19.0.
# Any contribution to datasets should be made in kedro-datasets
# in kedro-plugins (

[docs]class DeltaTableDataSet(AbstractDataSet[None, DeltaTable]): """``DeltaTableDataSet`` loads data into DeltaTable objects. Example usage for the `YAML API <\ data_catalog.html#use-the-data-catalog-with-the-yaml-api>`_: .. code-block:: yaml weather@spark: type: spark.SparkDataSet filepath: data/02_intermediate/data.parquet file_format: "delta" weather@delta: type: spark.DeltaTableDataSet filepath: data/02_intermediate/data.parquet Example usage for the `Python API <\ data_catalog.html#use-the-data-catalog-with-the-code-api>`_: :: >>> from pyspark.sql import SparkSession >>> from pyspark.sql.types import (StructField, StringType, >>> IntegerType, StructType) >>> >>> from kedro.extras.datasets.spark import DeltaTableDataSet, SparkDataSet >>> >>> schema = StructType([StructField("name", StringType(), True), >>> StructField("age", IntegerType(), True)]) >>> >>> data = [('Alex', 31), ('Bob', 12), ('Clarke', 65), ('Dave', 29)] >>> >>> spark_df = SparkSession.builder.getOrCreate().createDataFrame(data, schema) >>> >>> data_set = SparkDataSet(filepath="test_data", file_format="delta") >>> >>> deltatable_dataset = DeltaTableDataSet(filepath="test_data") >>> delta_table = deltatable_dataset.load() >>> >>> delta_table.update() """ # this dataset cannot be used with ``ParallelRunner``, # therefore it has the attribute ``_SINGLE_PROCESS = True`` # for parallelism within a Spark pipeline please consider # using ``ThreadRunner`` instead _SINGLE_PROCESS = True
[docs] def __init__(self, filepath: str) -> None: """Creates a new instance of ``DeltaTableDataSet``. Args: filepath: Filepath in POSIX format to a Spark dataframe. When using Databricks and working with data written to mount path points, specify ``filepath``s for (versioned) ``SparkDataSet``s starting with ``/dbfs/mnt``. """ fs_prefix, filepath = _split_filepath(filepath) self._fs_prefix = fs_prefix self._filepath = PurePosixPath(filepath)
@staticmethod def _get_spark(): return SparkSession.builder.getOrCreate() def _load(self) -> DeltaTable: load_path = self._fs_prefix + str(self._filepath) return DeltaTable.forPath(self._get_spark(), load_path) def _save(self, data: None) -> NoReturn: raise DataSetError(f"{self.__class__.__name__} is a read only dataset type") def _exists(self) -> bool: load_path = _strip_dbfs_prefix(self._fs_prefix + str(self._filepath)) try: self._get_spark().read.load(path=load_path, format="delta") except AnalysisException as exception: if "is not a Delta table" in exception.desc: return False raise return True def _describe(self): return dict(filepath=str(self._filepath), fs_prefix=self._fs_prefix)