kedro.contrib is the place for all contributions from third parties. Some of this functionality might be included in the core package in the future.

Modules This module contains functionality which we might consider moving into the module (e.g.

Templated Config

kedro.contrib.config.templated_config.TemplatedConfigLoader(…) Extension of the ConfigLoader class that allows for template values, wrapped in brackets like: ${…}, to be automatically formatted based on the configs.


kedro.contrib.colors.logging.ColorHandler([…]) A color log handler.

Node/Pipeline Decorators

kedro.contrib.decorators.pyspark.pandas_to_spark(spark) Inspects the decorated function’s inputs and converts all pandas DataFrame inputs to spark DataFrames.
kedro.contrib.decorators.pyspark.spark_to_pandas() Inspects the decorated function’s inputs and converts all pySpark DataFrame inputs to pandas DataFrames.
kedro.contrib.decorators.retry.retry([…]) Catches exceptions from the wrapped function at most n_times and then bundles and propagates them.
kedro.contrib.decorators.memory_profiler.mem_profile(func) A function decorator which profiles the memory used when executing the function.